We affirm in worship:

  • God alone determines the manner in which sinners are to approach Him; and it is only accomplished through Jesus Christ, in the power of His Spirit, according to His Word.

  • The solemn assembly is to be the assembling together of the redeemed, not designed to please the unbeliever or the believer, but should be designed to please God.

What is worship like at John Knox Presbyterian?


The worship at John Knox Presbyterian Church is focused on Scripture, God’s living Word to us. This means:

  • You will hear several readings from the Bible,

  • The sermon will typically work to explain one or more of those Bible texts,

  • Prayers will often be filled with Scripture,

  • Hymns are chosen to closely reflect the teaching of the Bible.

Joyful and Reverent

We come to worship at the command of God and we must approach Him with reverence and awe. But this reverence and awe is not unemotional or dry! Instead, we are filled with joy as we are welcomed into His presence as His redeemed people. And so:

  • When we sing, we sing heartily, with passion.

  • When we pray, we pray boldly, with confidence.

  • When we confess Jesus as Christ, we do so knowing that the gates of hell will not withstand the advance of the Church (Matt 16:18).

Liturgical and Traditional

Every church has a liturgy. Our liturgy is structured around our renewal in Christ:

  • Because our sin distorts us and destroys our relationship with God, we need His grace to restore us even as we approach Him in worship--so we confess our sins and hear the declaration of God’s forgiveness.

  • Having been forgiven, God tells us how to live as His redeemed people in the power of His Son--so we hear from His Word both in reading and preaching.

  • Having been instructed in how to live, God strengthens us to live in the power of the Spirit--so He feeds us from the Lord’s Supper and send us out into the world.


We also recognize that the Church extends through all ages and we desire to reflect that timelessness. Therefore:

  • We sing songs from every age of the historic Church, from the ancient Psalms to hymns of today.

  • We stand firmly in line with the historic Church, weekly confessing either the Apostles’ Creed or the Nicene Creed.

  • We are also Reformed – that is, we stand in line with the historic doctrines of the Reformation, especially as they are summarized in the Westminster Confession and Catechisms.

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